Alexandre Fandard is a French visual artist and choreographer who always seeks new ways to express himself. His choreographic writing stems from the need to portray what is not said with words. 

After a brief stint at the International Dance Academy of Paris, he started performing works directed by Brett Bailey such as Exhibit b for three years consecutively, while continuing his work as a painter. This experience reinforced his taste and his desire to see space, movement and dance through a radical pictorial perspective, where the image speaks as much as the body

Fandard also performed with La Cie de Soi, in Heroes (Prélude) by the choreographer Redouhanne El Meddeb. In 2017, as a resident choreographer at Centquatre Paris, he made his first solo Quelques-uns le demeurent, acclaimed  in France and abroad and with which he was selected as laureate 2018 FORTE (Ile de France). In September 2020, he created the duo Très loin, à l’horizon. Still on tour across France and abroad, this piece demonstrates the thoughtful vision of his sculptural choreography. That same year, Fandard also performed in the new 2020 piece by Olivier de Sagazan. 

Recently, Fandard made a new piece, a solo titled Comme un symbole dealing with the figure of a young man from the urban margins. The choreographer is supported by international and French organisations, in particular by the Centquatre-Paris, L’Espace 1789, La Villette, Etoile du Nord, CDCN  La Briqueterie, CDCN d’Avignon Les Hivernales.