As a rider taming a wild horse, Courtney May Robertson looks at the struggle between embracing one’s desires and regulating behaviour in accordance with societal pressures. In a quartet by Andreas Hannes the magnetism and binding between bodies and space intensifies and creates a tantalising atmosphere for an otherworldly dance. In a solo, Alexandre Fandard rehabilitates “the youth from the suburbs” as a symbol. Gergő D. Farkas investigates the collapsing borders between the living and the inorganic, the existing and the unreal by approaching the body as an apparatus driven by impulses and emotions.

The evening programme

the pleasure of stepping off a horse when it’s moving at full speedCourtney May Robertson

Comme un symbole / Alexandre Fandard

Deep Fake / Gergő D. Farkas

Warping Soul / Andreas Hannes

Party / After the performances Dansehallere invite you to a festive hangout with DJ Nah Care and open bar. DJ Nah Care´s music draws inspiration from his Kurdish roots and the electronic scene from club edits to fast paced techno.