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44 pan european partners
Aerowaves relies on its network of 44 partners and presenters from 35 countries across Europe. They represent and provide insights about their local and national dance scenes and the emerging talent there. At home, they promote Aerowaves opportunities within their dance community.
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The festival provides a platform for the Aerowaves Twenty choreographers to show their work to performing arts professionals and local audiences. We invite key programmers from across the world to discover the latest dance from Europe.

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1 annual festival
25 writers
Springback Magazine

Aerowaves Springback is a growing network of dance writers that advances thinking and communication about current contemporary dance across Europe, connecting artists, programmers, researchers, thinkers and audiences with dance practices.
Springback Magazine is a place to read about, watch and hear about dance. A place where you can feel the pulse of contemporary movements across Europe, through opinion, commentary and reflection.

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