Tamara Gvozdenovic (choreographer) and Kangding Ray ( Sound artist and DJ ) create performances for theatres and clubs. Their pieces are a trip down the road beyond the personality, into the dark and dreaminess of the soul. Tamara’s contemporary choreographies move into the layers of Kangding Ray’s experimental techno. Thematically they search for the answers beyond the personal, digging into the textures of life forces, combining their crafts and life search into artistic works.

Born in Serbia, raised in Switzerland, Tamara Gvozdenovic studied in London before settling in Brussels where she is now based. Many artists with whom she worked have influenced her way of approaching dance including: Rosemary Butcher, Simon Vincenzi, Franck Chartier & Gabriela Carrizo (Peeping Tom), Tabea Martin.

In 2022 she started to collaborate with the music producer and renowned DJ Kangding Ray Together they have become a duo who question their individual medium and explore  the relation between sound and movement. Tamara Gvozdenovic is also leading research of the “ma” in the field of dance through her teaching, her performing and creations around the globe under the name of Le Facteur. 


Few musicians manage to explore the convergence of techno and experimental music as successfully as David Letellier. Known as Kangding Ray, he has been composing, producing and DJing around the world for over a decade. Kangding Ray’s unique sound is one that pushes boundaries, evolving tirelessly in its exploration of textures and rhythms. David’s foundation in rock and experimental music gives his sounds a vitality and distinctiveness that has earned him a worldwide following, from discerning avant-garde listeners to dedicated clubbers. Throughout his career and his many critically acclaimed releases, he has demonstrated his ability to maintain an authentic artistic approach, while delivering powerful tracks and cinematic soundscapes. He has never stopped exploring and pushing the envelope of sound, slowly building a raw and visceral world.