Eva Recacha is a Spanish/British independent female choreographer living and working in London. Her choreographic work revolves around notions of power dynamics and the politics of the gaze, often generating a tangible sense of awareness and scrutiny between the performers and the spectators. She uses movement and text in her choreographic fabric, and the relationship between these two layers, both hierarchically and aesthetically, is one of the key aspects of her work. 

Recacha initiated her choreographic journey focused on themes of death and ritual, belonging and belief. Since becoming a mother, she has also embraced the themes of misogyny and ageing in relation to power and agency.

She has been commissioned to make work for the stage by Sadler’s Wells, The Place, South EastDance, EDge, and LCDS, as well as site-specific work by DanceXchange, Bloomberg SPACE, Opera Estate Festival Veneto, Fundació LaCaixa and Festival Trayectos. She was twice Place Prize Finalist for Begin to Begin: A Piece about Dead Ends and The Wishing Well, winning the public prize on three occasions. She was also a recipient of the Marion North Mentoring Award, subsequently being mentored by Rui Horta.


She has been an associate artist at the Place and a Sadler’s Wells Summer University Artist. Currently, she is a lecturer at LCDS and TL in London, where she teaches choreography and choreological studies.


Her latest works are:


Aftermath (2018), a piece dealing with notions of female visibility, value, and power, and the shift in the experience of those after motherhood. Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells.

Because I Can (2022), a solo dealing with notions of female invisibility, ageing, and loss of power. Commissioned by The Place and South East Dance,

Is This A Dance? (2022), her first work for young audiences made in collaboration with Lola Maury as company Lavaelo. Commissioned and co-produced by The Place. 

The Picnic, a work currently in the research stage. Loosely inspired by the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights by H. Bosh, The Picnic will explore notions of utopia and collectivity, and is commissioned by Sadler’s Wells and South East Dance.