Spring Forward

17–19 April 2015
Mercat de le Flors, Barcelona

Spring Forward is a three day festival of the freshest contemporary dance in Europe. Each year it is hosted in a different city and attracts more than 100 dance programmers from Europe and beyond.

About Spring Forward ↓

Aerowaves Spring Forward provides a platform for the most vibrant and promising choreographers to show their work to performing arts professionals and local audiences. The festival is Live Streamed to reach dance fans across the world.

The festival began in 2011 as an experiment. It took shape in response to the uncertain economic climate and the realities facing emerging dance artists as they begin their careers. Spring Forward provides a context for young choreographers to present their work within a different cultural setting and to new audiences. The platform supports artists as they seek new collaborators for their work and fosters a friendly atmosphere within an intensive weekend festival.

As with all Aerowaves initiatives, Spring Forward has grown from a place of generosity and a desire to make connections. The first festival in 2011 was held in partnership with En Knap at Španski Borci in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012, Operaestate Festival Veneto dedicated its entire B-Motion strand to showcasing Aerowaves' work for the second Spring Forward festival.

Armed with confidence in our new venture, we took the festival to Switzerland in 2013 to join the inaugural programme of Zürich tanzt. Umeå, the European Capital of Culture in 2014, hosted the fourth Spring Forward at Norrlandsoperan.

The programme is usually formed of at least ten of the current year's Aerowaves Twenty artists, plus some previous Aerowaves Twenty artists who are brought back to the festival by popular demand – this is the Aerowaves Encore strand. Depending on the city we visit each year, some local artists may also be presented. All artists stay for the whole weekend, so that conversations with programmers can evolve naturally.

Local audiences have the chance to discover a great variety of brand new dance artists, most of whom are performing in their city for the first time. Since 2014, we have Live Streamed Spring Forward so that dance fans across Europe and beyond can watch and engage with the festival.

Fri 17 April

All Day

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12 pm

Registration Open

Mercat de les Flors



Programme 1

Dan Canham / Milena Ugren-Koulas

Sala Pina Bausch - Mercat de les Flors

Programme 2

Tabea Martin / Hodworks

Sala Ovidi Montllor - Mercat de les Flors

Programme 3

Dan Canham / Milena Ugren-Koulas

Sala Pina Bausch - Mercat de les Flors



Programme 4

Guy Nader / Maria Campos

Sala Maria Aurelia Capmany - Mercat de les Flors

Sat 18 April


Programme 5a

Euripides Laskaridis / Vilma Pitrinaite

Antic Teatre

Programme 6a

Spitfire Company / BOD.Y

El Graner



Programme 5b

Meytal Blanaru / Giorgia Nardin

Sala Pina Bausch - Mercat de les Flors

Programme 6b

Euripides Laskaridis / Vilma Pitrinaite

Antic Teatre

Programme 5c

Spitfire Company / BOD.Y

El Graner

Programme 6c

Meytal Blanaru / Giorgia Nardin

Sala Pina Bausch - Mercat de les Flors



Programme 7

Cie. Ayelen Parolin / Marco da Silva Ferreira

Sala Ovidi Montllor - Mercat de les Flors

Programme 8

Berstad/Helgebostad/Wigdel, Luís Guerra

Sala Maria Aurelia Capmany - Mercat de les Flors

Sun 19 April



Critical Issues - Panel Discussion

Sala Sebastia Gasch

Programme 10a

Ugne Dievaityte & Poliana Lima, Location X/Taneli Törmä

Sala Pina Bausch - Mercat de les Flors

Programme 9a - Watch online Sun @ 7.55pm

Deutinger & Gottfarb / Igor and Moreno

El Graner



Programme 10b

Deutinger & Gottfarb / Igor and Moreno

El Graner

Programme 9b

Ugne Dievaityte & Poliana Lima, Location X/Taneli Törmä

Sala Pina Bausch - Mercat de les Flors

Programme 11

Roser López Espinosa, Edhem Jesenković

Sala Ovidi Montllor - Mercat de les Flors



Programme 12

Company HGSD/Mia Habib, Karel Van Laere & Vanja Rukavina

Sala Maria Aurelia Capmany - Mercat de les Flors
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Missed Spring Forward 2015 in Barcelona?

We live streamed the festival from the Mercat de les Flors and now, you can watch the festival performances, interviews with the choreographers, Springback Academy writers and guests on demand. So if you want to know what Spring Forward is like, take a look here and discover dance artists from across Europe.


The Venue

The Mercat de les Flors is both a driving force and hub for the promotion of movement arts. It plays a key role to ensure the establishment of first-rate companies and audiences for dance and similar arts.

To achieve this, the dance house joins forces with other key players and Catalan, Spanish and international institutions, both in public and private spheres, in the fields of contemporary thought and culture.

The Mercat can be defined by its values: a conscious innovator and transverse co-operator, vocationally international, rigorously sustainable, socially committed and organisationally flexible.

Additionally, Graner Fàbrica de Creació and Antic Teatre - two smaller venues in the city - are hosting performances during Spring Forward.

Getting to Barcelona

...is easy! Direct flights to Barcelona El Prat airport arrive from most European hubs and from further afield too.

Transfer to the city takes approx. 35 minutes and there is a regular Airport shuttle bus service, Aerobus, which we recommend.

The city also enjoys excellent bus and rail links with regional and international destinations and it is easily accessible on the motorway by car from France and the rest of Spain.


Programme Notes

You can now download a PDF of the programme notes for all performances. Print them off at home or just keep them on your smartphone or tablet to consult during the festival. Think of all the paper we can save by not creating a printed programme book for the festival!!

Download your Programme Notes here.

If you have any queries in advance of Spring Forward, contact Aerowaves for further information.

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Your Itinerary

Hospitality and food are provided by Aerowaves each day – with lunches and receptions in the bar each evening offering a great atmosphere to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

The venues are mostly within walking distance and guests will be guided between performances (some transfers will take place by bus).

In addition, each guest will be provided with a personal itinerary for the festival on arrival at the Mercat de les Flors.

Since 2014, Aerowaves has provided mentorship to emerging dance writers during Spring Forward. Springback Academy is a fast-paced introduction to the art of dance criticism within the context of an intensive festival. Writers are challenged to review performances in short online formats published during the festival and through instant, micro-reviews on Twitter.