Spring Forward

Programme A & B

Ima Iduozee

DEPO (large)
Sunday 24 April, 2016 | 3pm–3:30pm

This is the Title

On a blindingly white dance floor This is the Title unfolds with fluid elegance. The distinctive approach to movement comes from choreographer Ima Iduozee’s background in both breakdance and contemporary techniques. As we watch his sculpted and ever-moving body, he becomes a prisoner of the precise space he has created for himself. Subtle lighting and sound design complete this minimalist world where the power and grace of the performer captivate our imaginations and senses.

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Choreography and interpretation: Ima Iduozee

Lighting design: Jean-Matti Salo

Sound: Kasperi Laine

Art advirsoring: Kaisa Torkkel

URB Festival, Kiasma Theatre,
Stoa-Cultural Centre of Easter Helsinki,
Arts Commission of South-Finland