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Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven by Furtado - Taviani & AlSheMe by Linda Hayford

Croatian Cultual Centre (HKD) * OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
Friday 24 April, 2020 | 8:30pm–10pm

Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven

Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven by Furtado - Taviani & AlSheMe by Linda Hayford

Inspired by Dadaists, Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven unrolls a long white linoleum. On it, two figures speak in a language that belongs only to them, in a space-time that eludes us. In this minimalist microcosm of fantasy in motion, their hands become hand-objects, hand-masks or hand-prostheses. Charged with surreal spurts, Chiara Taviani and Henrique Furtado’s duet awakens the imagination.

Concept and performance: Chiara Taviani and Henrique Furtado P. Vieira
Lighting design: Eduardo Abdala
Light technician: Manuel Abrantes 
Dramaturgical support: Céline Cartillier, Antonio Ianniello
Odissi dance transmission Livia Porzio
Vocal support; Francisco Brazão
Textual support: Miguel Loureiro
Administration and production: Vera Nunes, Aline Berthou and UOT Organizzazione Teatrale
With the kind participation of Vera Mantero
Coproduction: Espaço do Tempo (PT), ACASA Scenario Pubblico (IT), Teatro Municipal do Porto (PT), Temps d’Images / DuplaCena (PT), Periferie Artistiche - Centro di Residenza Multidisciplinare della Regione Lazio / Twain (IT)  
With the support of: Fundação GDA (PT), Apoio à Internacionalização: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT)
Residencies at: Estúdios Victor Cordón (PT), Devir Capa (PT), Companhia Olga Roriz (PT), EKA Palace (PT), KLAP (FR), La Liseuse (FR), Entrepont (FR), MAD (MC) 
Thanks to Montaine Chevalier, Blanca Tolsá Rovira, Camilla Montesi, Luís Rosário, Inês Cartaxo, Hugo Coelho, Pia Krämer, Emma Terno, Emmanuel Tussore. 

Aerowaves artist profile: Henrique Furtado and Chiara Taviani — Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven


Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven by Furtado - Taviani & AlSheMe by Linda Hayford

Two siblings play with their similarities and subtle differences, a game that reveals their unique connection. In AlShe/Me, Linda Hayford develops her research on metamorphosis and physical transformation, focusing on the brother-sister relationship she observes the influences on each other, through whatever they suffer, perceive or internalise. 

Beyond words and implicit empathy, this duet gives each performer the place to develop their own individuality.

In AlShe/Me (pronounced as “alchimie” in French), Linda Hayford appears on stage alongside her older brother, Mike Hayford. Years after having given her a leg up in the world of popping, the dancer accompanies his sister in a duo that focuses on the ephemeral character of the genre.

Choreography: Linda Hayford
Performance: Linda Hayford et Mike Hayford
Outside view: Bruce Chiefare, Saïdo Lehlouh
Music: Link Berthomieux
Lights: Nicolas Miravete 
Costumes: Laure Maheo
Production: Cie Inside Out’s creation, Garde Robe
Executive production: CCNRB-Le Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne / directed by the collective FAIR-E
Coproduction: Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines, Fondation de France — La Villette 2017, Musée de la Danse — Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne in the framework of the accueil studio
With the support of: DRAC Bretagne and Rennes Métropole through its «aide au projet 2017 » funding program.

Aerowaves artist profile: Linda Hayford - Inside Out Company — AlShe/Me