Spring Forward

Speechless & Restraint - Spring Forward 2019

La Briqueterie (Studio scène)
Friday 5 April, 2019 | 2pm–3:15pm


Speechless & Restraint - Spring Forward 2019

Speechless is a stomping manifesto unwinding the thread of the female narrative on stage. Mixing dance with theatre and voice work, two female performers and one male performer, equally dressed in black skirts, invite us to discover the fragmentary voice of women as it has travelled through the centuries before reaching us.

Concept, Choreography: Sofia Mavragani
Performers, Co-makers: Hara Kotsali, Giorgos Kotsifakis, Sania Stribakou
Music composition: Martha Mavroidi
Costumes: Paul Thanopoulos  
Lighting: Vasilis Klotsotiras
Dramaturgy advisor: Ioanna Valsamidou
Research: Ioanna Valsamidou, Varvara Mitsi, Sofia Mavragani
Photography: Margarita Nikitaki  
Artwork: Dimitris Politis  
Publicity, Communication: Yorgos Katsonis
Production: FINGERSIX
With the financial support of Hellenic Republic – Ministry of Culture & Sports
With the support of Duncan Dance Research Centre & Theatro Technis Karolos Koun

Aerowaves artist profile: Sofia Mavragani — Speechless


Speechless & Restraint - Spring Forward 2019

How do we continue reinventing ourselves? Stamping and shaking, the dancer Julek Kreutzer generates a continuous flow of movements bound by a narrow space and spurred on by Michelangelo Contini’s drums.

Restraint is a liberating outburst of energy and a work of extreme precision, where music and dance persist on supporting each other, crafting a vibrant space.

Concept and Choreography: Lina Gómez
Dance and Co-choreography: Julek Kreutzer
Live Music and Artistic Collaboration: Michelangelo Contini
Light Design: Bruno Pocheron
Costumes:  Sandra Ernst
Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Schaupp
In Coproduction with ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz and Sophiensaele Berlin

Aerowaves artist profile: Lina Gómez — Restraint