Spring Forward

New Creation & Drift (I) - Spring Forward 2019

La Briqueterie (Studio Scène)
Sunday 7 April, 2019 | 11am–12:30pm

New Creation

New Creation & Drift (I) - Spring Forward 2019

What if we could browse back and forward in the movement of time? New Creation invites you to a playful dialogue between two performers solidly equipped with wit, humour and projection screens. Using previous recordings, Filipe Pereira and Teresa Silva create a seemingly infinite mise en abyme, confusing images and reality. Filming is an attempt to survive, but it is also showing a form of death. For that, we need to constantly reformulate, because we need to go on. Don’t we?

Artistic direction, performance, set design, costumes and video archive: Filipe Pereira and Teresa Silva
Technical direction and Lighting operator: Joana Mário
Lighting design: Frederico Godinho
Sound design: Rui Dâmaso
Artistic follow up in the residence of November 2015: Sabine Macher
Residency support: 23 Milhas - Fábrica Ideias, Gafanha da Nazaré, Devir/CAPa, Materiais Diversos/Centro Cultural do Cartaxo and Escola Superior de Dança, O Espaço do Tempo and Walk&Talk - Festival de Artes/Teatro Micaelense
Co-production: Teatro Maria Matos/Festival Temps d’Images Lisboa
Creation support: Circular Associação Cultural and Materiais Diversos
Video captation: Mariana Bártolo
Photos: Alípio Padilha, Bruno Simão and Maria Gomes
Acknowledgments: André e. Teodósio, David Cabecinha, Horta Seca and O Espaço do Tempo

Aerowaves artist profile: Filipe Pereira and Teresa Silva — New Creation

Drift (I,II)

New Creation & Drift (I) - Spring Forward 2019

Stage performance, live concert or sculpture? Drift (I,II) is an exploration of slowness that defies genres. Two performers wearing hoodies question our gaze; like two islands, they navigate from codependency to estrangement. Venturing into exhaustion, their bodies are forced to manoeuvre with precision through an immensity of details, an infrastructure of otherwise unnoticed actions.

Artistic directors and performers: Mario Barrantes Espinoza and Thomas Bîrzan
Music: Martijn Ravesloot aka Melawati
Lighting Design: Ryoya Fudetani 
Accompanied by Bojana Cvejić
Photography by Diego Franssens and Liesbet Peremans

Management: Gabrielle Veyssiere

Costume advice: Heide Vanderieck
With the input of Mette Ingvartsen, Nicolina Pristaš, Pierre Rubio, Salva Sanchis
Special thanks to Charlotte Vandevyver, Max Colombie, Minna Tiikkainen, Jara Vlaeminckx, Michiel Vandevelde and Hildegard De Vuyst for supporting the project  and our friends and colleagues of the P.A.R.T.S Research Cycle 2017-2018 for their valuable feedback. 

Aerowaves artist profile: Thomas Bîrzan and Mario Barrantes Espinoza — Drift (I,II)