Spring Forward

Programme A

Himherandit Productions - Andreas Constantinou

Svalegangen Nye sal
Sunday 30 April, 2017 | 1pm–1:40pm


WOMAN is an uncompromising solo and an authentic response to the question “what does femininity mean to you?” posed to a trans performer, Daniel Mariblanca. Full of fire, resistance and hope, WOMAN explores the relationship of a trans man to femininity as it is presented by society. Daring and playful, this solo crosses all the boundaries and challenges stereotypes.

Himherandit Productions
Choreography and direction: Andreas Constantinou
Devising performer: Daniel Mariblanca
Music: Phillip Jaroussky, Yom and the wonder rabbits, The Knife.
Light design: Jeppe Cohrt
Sound artist: Jeppe Corht

Pictures: Allan Hoegholm