Spring Forward

‘Counterbody’ - Tangaj Dance Collective, Simona Deaconescu, Romania

Spring Forward / Azaryan theatre
Saturday 24 March, 2018 | 9:15pm–9:55pm


‘Counterbody’ - Tangaj Dance Collective, Simona Deaconescu, Romania

'COUNTERBODY, a possible perception of the unstable matter' is a dance installation and a music performance in which all the elements can be seen as particles in perpetual movement. Based on philosophical and physical formulas, from quantum theories to post-structuralism it places the bodies of its performers in a fluid reality.

Choreography: Simona Deaconescu
Curator & dramaturgical support: Olivia Nitis
Visual composition: Ciprian Ciuclea
Original score: Catalin Cretu
Light design: Alexandros Raptis
Sound designer: Marian Citu

Performers: Alexandra Balasoiu, Andreea Belu, Corina Mitrovici, Denis Bolborea, George Alexandru Plesca, Georgeta Corca, Marian “Franke” Octavian, Simona Dabija

Co-produced by The National Center of Dance Bucharest and Tangaj Dance Company. Co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund as part of the project "Room 0004_Sonic Spaces".

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