Spring Forward

Programme B

Anastasia Valsamaki

Bora Bora Lille Sal
Saturday 29 April, 2017 | 8:30pm–9:10pm


Sync is an invitation to experience the ephemeral beauty of togetherness. From the simplicity of human touch to fluid interactions, nine dancers sway back and forth, forming and deconstructing a succession of tableaux. Hypnotic and meditative, Sync enables the spectators and performers to synchronise their senses and gazes and to ask themselves: what keeps us together?

Choreography : Anastasia Valsamaki
Music: Stavros Gasparatos
Performers: Arianna Zarmakoupi, Dimitrios Mytilinaios, Gavriela Antonopoulou, Konstantina Barkouli, Maria Paschalidou, Myrto Katsou, Natassa Pandermali, Nefeli Kadinopoulou Asteriou, Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis

Supported by Take Over Greece- BIOS