Spring Forward

‘A silver knife’ - Goblin Party, Korea

Spring Forward / Youth Theatre 'Nikolay Binev'
Saturday 24 March, 2018 | 6:15pm–6:35pm

'A Silver Knife' is inspired by the traditional Korean ‘Eunjangdo’ knife, worn as a symbol of fidelity for women but also used to attack people or commit suicide. Beautifully orchestrated and full of fierceness, ‘A Silver Knife’ and its four female performers invites you to witness wild emotions coming to life from a hidden place.

Suggestion of Direction: Jin ho LIM, Kyung min JI
Co-creation and dancers: Sung eun LIM, Kyung gu LEE, Hyun min AHN, Yeon joo LEE
Stage PD: Jin woo KIM
Lighting Designer: Seung ho LEE
Sound Engineer: Sunyoung HEO Dramaturg: Harim LEE
Music: Remi Klemensiewicz
Company Manager: Soohye JANG
Supported by Seoul Section of the Int'l Dance Council CID-UNESCO
Sponsored by Arts Council Korea

Founded in 2007 in Seoul, Korea, Goblin  Party  has  performed nationally and  internationally using the traditional Korean goblin monster as its symbol.

The company consists of a collective of multi faceted artists, choreographers and dancers. Goblin Party focuses on producing performances that extend the vision of the audience.

Jin ho LIM and Kyung min JI have emerged in the last years as part of the new rising generation of Korea’s contemporary dance. Both hold a bachelor degree in dance and master in education from Choongang University. LIM Jinho received the award for best choreography at Seoul Dance Collection, SPAF in 2011 and JI Kyung-min won the awards for his choreographies at CJ Young Festival in 2007.

Members of Goblin Party are Jinho  Lim,  Kyungmin  Ji,  Pyungsoo  Kim,  Joosung  Lee,  Gyumin  Myung,  Hyuin  Jeon, Sungeun Lim, Hyunmin Ahn, Kyunggu Lee, Yeonju Lee and So jin Park