New (Dis)Order

performed by Ramona Nagabczynski

Devised with dancers Magda Jedra, Anita Wach and Konrad (shades of Jim Morrison) Szymanski, and utilising an infectious playlist as soundtrack, Ramona Nagabczynski’s New (Dis)Order rides the rhythms of rock as a means of showing how potent an impact music can have on the body. The cast’s early, gradual head-banging gyrations are both easy to grasp and hard to resist. In a somewhat more diffuse, possibly self-indulgent manner the work converts its spot-on aural backdrop into social metaphor and variously a signal for conflict (a la mock-Reservoir Dogs violence), habitual escapism (a series of tableaux set to Chinawoman’s great track ‘Party Girl’) and struggle (the long, clothes-clutching contact improvisation in dying light that closes the piece).

In this pumping homage to rock music and friendship one man and two women set out to share with us the music they love via an ever-pulsating sway of hips, torsos and heads, hair flying out horizontally to the beat until they themselves become it. Honest and strangely vulnerable, dancing out front, and unadorned by steps, their camaraderie is evident both in their play-fighting and in the dance’s last passage, where they hold onto each other by hands or fistfuls of clothes. Flailing, falling, running, never letting go,no matter what, no matter how dangerous. And it is dangerous. They've given everything. To each other and to us. To my surprise I notice that I'm crying...

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