Monna Dithmer

Monna Dithmer has a PHD in Literary Studies from the University of Copenhagen, and has conducted several research programmes as a Fellow at the same university. Her topics include ‘High Tension Aesthetics and Ethical Quality in Modern Media Culture’ and ‘Urbanity and Aesthetics’. She is currently theatre and dance critic for the Danish newspaper Politiken and since 1994, she has produced about 3000 reviews and other articles about theatre and dance. She is also part-time lecturer of Performance Design at Roskilde University and co-
author of several anthologies and publiations: Skønhedens Hotel – Hotel Pro Forma, et laboratorium for scenekunst (The Hotel of Beauty – Hotel Pro Forma a Laboratory for Performing Arts), 2015 Scenekunst I Danmark – Veje til udvikling (Performing Arts in Denmark), 2010, Hvor går Grænsen? – brudflader i modern mediekultur (Where is the Limit?), 2009 and editor
Of Another World – Dancing between Dream and Reality,2002

Performance reviews by Monna Dithmer

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