Irina Glinski, UK

Irina is a dramaturg, critic, and ecological artist based in Glasgow. She currently writes performance reviews for The List and is the art editor for The Wee Review. Graduating in 2017 from University of Glasgow with a Masters in Playwriting and Dramaturgy, Irina is also the dramaturg and co-founder of the performance collective ‘The Doing Group’, who recently hit the headlines and irritated right-wing press outlets across Europe by trying to deport the Loch Ness Monster.
Aerowaves Springback Academy is her first adventure in to the world of dance criticism. Irina likes concrete, houseplants, and urban infrastructure a lot, and prefers not to talk about herself in the third person.


Performance reviews by Irina Glinski

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Spring Forward
24 - 26 April 2020
Rijeka & Opatija, Croatia

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