Charles A. Catherine, France

Raised in Normandy, I focused at an early age on my three hobbies: movement, words, stories. I came to dance through ballet and modern-jazz, before opting for contemporary I practicing it at university level in Paris alongside studies in history, sociology and cultural policies. Writing was never far away – from academic papers to projects for plays, through to blogging about music, shows, artists, dancers… I began to choreograph in 2004 for university groups, write about stage productions in 2009 and graduated to writing for theatre in 2012. My last production, Gis_elle, was performed at the Théâtre Marigny (Paris) in February 2019. Dance journalism was a nautral development: I wanted to talk about shared emotions, the beauty of movement, technique, and to prove that dance is everywhere, and, above all necessary for thinking about the world.

Instagram: @monsieursaintlaz

Performance reviews by Charles A. Catherine

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