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EN-KNAP/Španski borci

EN-KNAP/Španski borci

EN-KNAP Productions, established in 1994 by Iztok Kovač, has introduced and established its trademark aesthetics on the European scene, attracting an array of acclaimed international co-producers.

Since 2009, EN-KNAP administers Španski Borci Cultural Centre, the largest venue dedicated to dance in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. The centre also houses the only professional ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia, EnKnapGroup, established in 2007.

In 2011, EN-KNAP was the co-organiser of the inaugural Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival, and later established the year-round Plesna Vesna Festival, which in collaboration with Aerowaves continuously brings young European dance to Španski Borci. 

If Iztok Kovač is unable to attend an Aerowaves event, Meta Lavrič will attend instead.

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