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Kanuti Gildi Saal

Kanuti Gildi Saal

Kanuti Gildi SAAL opened in 2002 and is the first independent venue in the region for contemporary performing arts. The venue provides co-production and supports the work of local and international freelance artists. It also organises a curated seasonal programme, international festivals and a variety of thematic events initiating theoretical debate.

Kanuti Gildi SAAL is operated by the non-profit organisation Teine Tants, which has been focused on developing the emerging contemporary dance scene in Estonia since the mid 1990s. Kanuti Gildi SAAL collaborates with experimental, innovative and cross-disciplinary artists.

If Priit Raud is unable to attend an Aerowaves event, Annika Üprus or Mairika Plakso will attend instead.

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