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Tanzhaus Zürich

Tanzhaus Zürich

Tanzhaus Zürich was founded in 1996 and is mainly funded by the city of Zürich. It is one of the most important centres for contemporary dance practice in Switzerland. As a place of artistic production and research, of specialised qualification and further training, of information and guidance, of discourse and as a networking hub, of education, promotion and presentation Tanzhaus Zürich fulfills a central role for choreography, dance and performance. 

Residencies provide local, national and international artists with time for research and development as well as the possibility to provide insights into different creative processes in an informal and relaxed atmosphere – from open rehearsals to finished productions. Tanzhaus Zürich acts as a co-production partner for local artists according to their technical and dramaturgical needs and enables them to build networks throughout Europe.

Further, Tanzhaus Zürich works in close collaboration with the ZÜRICH TANZT festival and the festival for contemporary dance: zürich moves!

Zurich, Switzerland

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