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San Vincenti Festival

San Vincente Festival

Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti is a unique cultural event, organised by Zagreb Dance Company. The festival’s international programme is composed of contemporary dance productions, physical theatre, mime, circus performances, street art, educational seminars and workshops. Founded in 2000, the Festival has presented more than 150 dance and theatre companies from Croatia and abroad. The festival's success has encouraged the opening of Svetvinčenat Tourist Board and the opening of the Art Centre, which hosts the programme of the Mediterranean Dance Centre.

The Festival pays particular attention to education of new generations of audiences for dance and to promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and trans-national mobility. Audiences include Croatian and foreign tourists, members of the local community, professional audiences and dance lovers. Although the Istria region offers many cultural events during the summer months, Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti has secured an important position and has made the small town of San Vincenti synonymous with dance and experimental performance.

Zagreb , Croatia

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