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Projects Arts Centre

Projects Arts Centre

Project Arts Centre is Ireland’s leading centre for the presentation and development of contemporary art, dedicated to protecting the independent sector and nurturing the next generation of Irish artists across all forms of the performing and visual arts.

Located in the heart of Dublin City, Project is home to two performance spaces (the Cube – capacity of 73-82 and the Space Upstairs, capacity of 180 – 220) and a gallery. The country’s busiest arts centre, Project hosts more than 600 events annually, as well as co-producing and touring productions as part of Project Artist initiative.

Project Arts Centre began life as a three-week festival at the Gate Theatre in November 1966. Established during a time of great change in Ireland and across the world, looking to the future is embedded in its DNA. Over the years Project has always reflected these values, whether embracing the punk movement, presenting edgy contemporary performance or confounding audiences’ ideas of what constitutes an exhibition. 

Dublin, Ireland

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