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Oslo kulturskole

Oslo kulturskole

Un-Magritt Nordseth has an extensive career as a choreographer, director, dancer and educator in the independent sector, as well as working for a number of institutional theatres. She has worked at home and abroad, and has both choreography and directing experience for a wide range of organisations, such as China National Ballet and the House of Drama and Dance. For nearly ten years she led Scirocco's dance company in collaboration with choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen, and she later ran her own production company. Some of her best-known works are Alf, A Suddenly Green Field and The Hunt for Nora with the transgender artist JinXing (Beijing 2006-11).

She choreographed the Millenium performance at City Hall Square, opened the Museum of Art in Lillehammer, directed and choreographed for the Dannelsesreisen in Telemark and had a number of works presented at the Ultima festival. She also choreographed several innovative music theatre productions at the Norwegian Theatre. From 2010-2018 she was Artistic and General Manager of Dansens Hus. She is currently responsible for dance at Oslo kulturskole.

Oslo, Norway

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