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The first Springback Exploratorium for contemporary dance at B.Motion festival

The first Springback Exploratorium for contemporary dance at B.Motion festival

The Exploratorium writers: Oonagh Duckworth and Jordi Ribot i Thunnissen (coordinators), Evgeny Borisenko, Léa Poiré, Irina Glinski, Claire Lefèvre, Anastasio Koukoutas, Jelena Mihelčić, Lucía Fernández, Gaia Clotilde Chernetich, Emily May and Clàudia Brufau. 

Ten young Springback writers from all over Europe will convene in Bassano del Grappa (IT), from 18 until 25 August, to devise and host the first ever Exploratorium for contemporary dance. By invitation of the festival, these young dance experts have carte-blanche to imagine, concoct and cook up all sorts of new ways to enhance audiences’ experiences of, and engagement with, B.Motion’s broad and innovative programme. Brand new works, tried and tested ones or site-specific, after nearly all of this year’s festival offerings, the Springback Exploratorium team will guide participants through a specially designed, post-show event geared to revealing the richness of their own unique, individual and collective responses to the performance. 

Moving beyond the conventional format of the after-show talk, the Exploratorium aims to disinhibit participants by setting up spaces for safe, stimulating experiments and encounters. Audiences’ impressions, associations, physical sensations, emotions and frustrations will gradually be unearthed and reclaimed as authentic and valuable upshots of attending what can sometimes be shrugged off as over complex or impenetrable contemporary art. The habitual hierarchy will be turned upside down: artists will only be allowed to attend the Exploratorium by specific invitation! And as always in an Exploratorium, playfulness and discovery are the name of the game; plus, there will of course be some metaphorical buttons to push too…

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