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New projects: 25 years documentary & Springback Ringside

New projects: 25 years documentary & Springback Ringside

We are happy to share with you our latest endeavours, which are in very early stages, yet moving forward. Here you have a sneak peek of a couple of projects that hopefully will see the light in 2021.

25 years documentary

We are turning 25 next year! To celebrate this very special anniversary we are producing a documentary directed by Enya Belak to tackle the past, present and future of our platform.

Aerowaves’ Springback Ringside 

Springback Production together with some of our partners and artists are researching the possibilities of filming dance in Virtual Reality as a way of documenting work – as opposed to creating work specially for this technology.

Far from trying to replace physical and live performance, the project is driven by the question: can we feel kinetic empathy through VR? We are testing this question with En-Knap Španski Borci Cultural Centre (Ljubljana, Slovenia) as the leading partner, the Croatian Cultural Centre (Rijeka, Croatia) and Tanec Praha (Prague, Czech Republic) at the moment who are offering their venues to film the works of Aerowaves artists. We are very grateful to them and the artists involved in these early stages of the research. Soon, we will unveil more details. Stay tuned!

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