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Meet the Aerowaves Twenty20 artists!

Meet the Aerowaves Twenty20 artists!

The suspense is over! We are proud to announce the Twenty20 artists selected by the Aerowaves partners:

  • ‘Panflutes and Paperwork’ Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage, Norway / The Netherlands
  • ‘PLI’ Viktor Černický, Czech Republic
  • ‘Postmodern Cool’ Inés Belli, Norway
  • ‘Mechanics of Distance’ Máté Mészáros, Hungary
  • ‘Warrior’ Anne-Mareike Hess, Luxembourg/Germany
  • ‘Bouncing Narratives’ Roza Moshtaghi, Norway
  • ‘The Feline Project’ Dagmar Dachauer, Austria
  • ‘GOLEM’ Abis Company / Julien Carlier, Belgium
  • ‘UN/DRESS MOVING PAINTING’ Masako Matsushita / Nanou Associazione Culturale, Italy
  • ‘CHEERS’ Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Norway
  • ‘A white sustainable construction’ Manuel Rodríguez, Spain
  • ‘The Angular Distance of a Celestial Body’ Alessandro Carboni / Formati Sensibili, Italy
  • ‘Bir şey’ Ekin Tunçeli, Turkey
  • ‘Alshe/me’ Linda Hayford, France 
  • ‘Unauthorised’ ZITA / Iris Karayan, Greece
  • ‘Babae’ Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Germany
  • ‘Stand still you ever-moving spheres of heaven' Henrique Furtado & Chiara Taviani, Portugal / Italy
  • 'BEAT "I just wish to feel you"' Collective Dope / Jenna Jalonen, Belgium
  • ‘FLY!’ Markéta Stránská, Czech Republic
  • ‘The Ephemeral life of an octopus’ Léa Tirabasso, Luxembourg/UK


You will meet the Twenty20 artists at Spring Forward from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April, hosted the Croatian Cultural Centre in Rijeka (Croatia). Save the date!

We would like to send the warmest welcome and congratulations to our newly selected artists and special thanks to all the applicants for submitting their works.

Please check our social media channels to find out more about these choreographers in the coming weeks.

Picture: ‘Bouncing Narratives’ Roza Moshtaghi © Josh Lake/Ben Pender

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