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Aerowaves partners cooperate in a project to develop dance performance for young audiences

Aerowaves partners cooperate in a project to develop dance performance for young audiences

After the experience of the Offspring, Aerowaves’ audience development initiative addressed to young audiences, four Aerowaves partners are cooperating in a new EU project: Shape It. The Place (London, UK) takes the lead on this project which proposes a new model for developing dance performance for young audiences. Shape It, which starts in October 2019 and will run for two years, is a partnership of four leading dance organisations and Aerowaves members: The Place (UK), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (Italy), Annantalo (Finland) and Tanec Praha (Czech Republic).
The project will test how the vitality of early career dance makers in Europe creating innovative work for adults can be presented to young audiences. By supporting choreographers in a dialogue with young people about their work, the aim is to open up the best dance being made in Europe to young audiences. The four European organisations will generate intercultural dialogue, create international exchange opportunities for artists and share their expertise and learning. The two-year timeline allows partners to learn from each other, and apply strategies tested in one local context, in their own.
Shape it can benefit both the young audiences, who will experience high quality dance to open their minds to the potential of live performance, as well as artists and organisations who can diversify their family programme without major investments or new communication strategies.
Find out more on The Place's website.

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