Imagine you are breathing.

Nature is dead and there is no going back. Do you remember how it felt when we could breathe together? When we could bury our feet in the grass? When raindrops fell on us? Three performers lead the audience in a ritual of remembrance at a time when the natural world, exhausted by humanity, no longer exists.

Set in an artificial imitation of the universe, they reflect on the ever increasing replacement of nature with the built environment. Treatment of Remembering encourages us to look inside and awaken long forgotten memories; it draws attention to the uniqueness of physical and emotional experiences connected with nature. Minimalist choreography and scenography create a sense of timelessness, complemented by a complex and sensitive musical composition and intense lighting states, which offer a dense statement on origin and extinction. A delicate and expressive apocalyptic vision, the work is both a meditative social critique and a guide to shaping a new world.