‘It won’t be like this forever’, this is what the sign says, that choreographer Moritz Ostruschnjak carries across the stage, while the dancer Daniel Conant performs a Schuhplattler (a traditional folk dance from Tyrol and Baviera). TANZANWEISUNGEN (Dance Instructions) is full of self-reflective and ironic references. True to his eclectic style, Ostruschnjak allows his soloist to shift effortlessly from a Schuhplattler to a grand jeté or from boxing footwork to breakdance moves. Tying it all together is the sound, the pounding, clapping, breathing, jumping, bouncing that fills the space in a consistent rhythm.

As if he had been wound up, the dancer tirelessly works his way through an extremely diverse canon of movement –adopting poses of resistance, combat and victory, stylised masculinity, youth culture, classical ballet, ballroom dancing and sports– in rapid succession. A firework of steps that playfully yet relentlessly lead into an abyss.