Ruins by Fubunation on 22 July at Kaštel Grimani / Castle Grimani at 22:00

Waddah Sinada and Rhys Dennis open a dialogue surrounding the myth of masculinity as it is felt within the Pan-African diaspora. They are deconstructing the power struggle within themselves and finding the balance between conflict, vulnerability, and codependency. By doing so, they own and repair their deeper anxieties that they have learned so well to mask.
Ruins’ is an interdisciplinary project displayed through live performance, film and photography. This work is a testimony of the generational trauma inherited by men from marginalised groups with the mission of creating a space where the black male figure is more visible and honestly represented in its full complexity.

 Aerowaves at 25, documentary by Enya Belak at Mediteranski plesni centar MDC 23 July at 20:00.

Throughout the documentary, we learn about the founders of the platform and the activities Aerowaves devised to connect dance enthusiasts around the globe. Besides diving into the past, Belak also explores the present and wonders about the network’s next steps into the future.

Amongst others, the film features founding director John Ashford, Administrative director Anna Arthur; board member Betsy Gregory; Aerowaves artists Patricia Arpeggi, Viktor Černický or Christos Papadopoulos; dance writers Sanjoy Roy and Donald Hutera; and Aerowaves partners like Frosso Trousa and Yvona Kreuzmannová.


Open drift by Philippe Kratz at Trg / Square on 24 July at 21:30. 
Two beings float on open water, drifting closer together, letting the streams decide where they will be taken next. Aware of their fate, yet assertive and resolute in their bearings, they seem to be determined to make the most out of the encounter. They know they are together by chance, but also that for this brief moment in time they are the only witness of each other’s existence, before drifting apart and being transformed for the better.
Transition, transmission and the shared space take on a special and defining role in OPEN DRIFT. Stemming from Michel Fokine and Anna Pavlova’s iconic Dying Swan solo from 1905, this is a new take on an old theme in which two young performers remind us of the excitement and magic that fresh starts can bring.