Babe. Inspired by Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance, a “masterpiece of strangeness” as Judith MacKrell put it, Joy Alpuerto Ritter examines inherited dance vocabularies to embody her own witch character. Bringing together her roots in Philippine folk and classical dance with movements from hip hop and voguing; she reimagines what it means to summon the power and mystical practices of a female dancer as a witch. BABAE, which means ‘woman’ in Tagalog (Philippine language), is a one-woman dialogue between the animalistic and sensual qualities of ritual and power.

Ruins. Waddah Sinada and Rhys Dennis open a dialogue surrounding the myth of masculinity as it is felt within the Pan-African diaspora. They are deconstructing the power struggle within themselves and finding the balance between conflict, vulnerability, and codependency. By doing so, they own and repair their deeper anxieties that they have learned so well to mask.
Ruins’ is an interdisciplinary project displayed through live performance, film and photography. This work is a testimony of the generational trauma inherited by men from marginalised groups with the mission of creating a space where the black male figure is more visible and honestly represented in its full complexity.