Movers Platform is a platform curated by choreographer, dancer, and visual artist Hiroaki Umeda to propose next generations’ movement, dance and choreography values.

Each of the seven specially selected young artists from Japan, South Korea and Greece has a unique movement vocabulary influenced by their cultural and regional characteristics. Guiding them individually at a distance over months, Hiroaki weaves their dances together into a single event when they all meet at Aerowaves’ invitation for the first time in Elefsina. Movers Platform #1 and #2 were seen only in Japan, but this new inter-continental group of movers will also perform in Seoul in September at the PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul).

Curation: Hiroaki Umeda
Dancers: Haris Hatziandreou (Greece), Evi Oikonomou (Greece), Sofia Pouchtou (Greece), Hyoung eun Oh (South Korea), SoMi Bae (South Korea), Ayumi Nitta (Japan) and Yuki Nakamura (Japan).
Project Coordinators: Suzuko Tanoiri, Soohye Jang, Frosni Trousa
Photo: Sugawara Kota
Photo: 菅原康太
Co-Produced by Connected A, S20
Supported by KAMS Connection