Two performers play with a disparate series of images seeking to impart their own interpretation. The body and its (micro-)movements co-exist with objects and materials, resulting in an aural experience that is intensified by being exploded, distorted, paused and repeated.
The audience is invited to form new connections. They find themselves transformed into listeners of a makeshift soundtrack that unfolds before them. The performers become the intermediaries between archive and audience, offering up their own personal takes, composing their own adaptation of a non-linear cinematic script, and choosing what could possibly be heard.
Ioanna Paraskevopoulou’s MOS is a scenic game operating in among the conspicuous and hidden relations that exist between movement, sound, and image. Amplifying narratives that arise out of the mutual interplay and co-existence of seemingly incongruous archival sources, this piece brings visibility to elements that cannot easily be seen, or heard.

The presentation of ‘MOS’ at SPRING FORWARD FESTIVAL is made possible with the support of Onassis STEGI, Athens, “Outward Turn” Programme.