MASTERWORK – Summer ReCollection Festival

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár perform ‘MASTERWORK’ at Španski borci as part of Summer ReCollection Festival.

Cultural references and whimsical movement are at the core of Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár’s duet MASTERWORK. Unfolding through a set of vignettes, the piece explores ways in which the body sheds cultural meanings and symbols projected upon it over the course of time. By using objects as costumes that block movement, the body reshapes its autonomy in a flurry of functional obstructions.

Each and every body is a masterpiece in its own right, created by the self and the environment. By modifying the body, Cuhorka and Molnár manipulate the surroundings and summon the freedom to redefine.