Deep Fake is a series of events which speculate upon copy, inauthenticity, and challenge the consumerist mindset with new possibilities of coexistence.

The piece challenges the monocracy of the solo by gently directing the spectator’s attention to the decentralised performance of sound, light, and object, turning the space into a living and breathing entity. By approaching the body as an apparatus driven by impulses and emotions, Deep Fake investigates the collapsing borders between the living and the inorganic, the existing and the unreal, with the structures that secretly (re)produce these binaries.
In Deep Fake, the performer is accompanied by composer Márton Csernovszky’s sweet yet eerie, sensitive yet expansive music, and by a tender object called Grid.

As the lovechild of cross-disciplinary aspirations and millennial greed, Deep Fake extends its invisible tentacles from the stage to the interwebs and takes over the two euro domain to become virtual and remain virtually immortal.