1518. The city of Strasbourg is on high alert. A dance epidemic breaks out in the central square of the town. Rumours arise around this bizarre manifestation. A crazy mixture of humorous medicine, supernatural phenomena, a little mycology, and some mythology. For those who dare to go beyond the internet buzz, the dance epidemic is strongly infused with ideas of the Middle Ages Christian Church, still popular today.

Choreomaniacs is a performative docu-fiction tracing chronologically the events that marked the mass dystopian manifestation of 1518 in Strasbourg, a dance craze that infected several hundred people. The performance humorously questions how we look at dance, starting from a series of baffling testimonies and events carefully extracted from historical journals. If you think that pseudo-science and fake news are a thing of the present, “Choreomaniacs” dares to challenge your belief from a mediaeval science-fiction eclectic perspective.