“Das ist mein Café Müller“ (This is my Café Müller) declares Dominik Więcek in his solo, which is inseparably intertwined with Pina Bausch’s original from 1978 and at the same time a deeply personal portrait of himself today. Born in Germany, raised in Poland, Więcek pondered the question: What would have happened if his mother had not chosen to return to her country of origin after his birth.

Więcek’s Café Müller is a fanfiction; an imaginary universe embedded in Pina Bausch’s work and in honour of his own mother. It is a universal story full of nostalgia for something that never happened, admiration for the bravery required to confront oneself. He plays a character inspired by the personalities of Bausch’s original, yet rooted in his own queerness and feeling of displacement.