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What Next festival 2020 / Lina Gómez, Jesús Rubio Gamo

| Dance Limerick

Thursday 6 February, 2020 — Saturday 8 February, 2020

Dance Limerick's What Next dance festival 2020 brings you a programme of fresh and captivating performances and interactions from a bold new generation of dance artists including Aerowaves Artists' work: Bolero by Jesús Rubio Gamo and Restraint by Lina Gómez.


What Next festival 2020

How do we continue reinventing ourselves? Stamping and shaking, the dancer Julek Kreutzer generates a continuous flow of movements bound by a narrow space and spurred on by Michelangelo Contini’s drums.

Restraint is a liberating outburst of energy and a work of extreme precision, where music and dance persist on supporting each other, crafting a vibrant space.

Aerowaves artist profile: Lina Gómez — Restraint


What Next festival 2020

Bolero is about tenacity. The duet explores the frontier between lightness and gravity and the fine line separating pleasure and exhaustion. When too much practiced, even the best things - Ravel’s Boléro, love and dance - often end up breaking up, don’t they?

Aerowaves artist profile: Jesús Rubio Gamo — Bolero