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Spring Forward 2018 / Sabine Molenaar - Sandman, Jesús Rubio Gamo, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Simona Deaconescu - Tangaj Dance Collective, Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold, Jordan Deschamps, Jivko Jeliazkov - Derida Company, Premier Stratagème - Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico, Mathis Kleinschnittger, Filipe Lourenço - Plan K, Oona Doherty, Luna Cenere, Núria Guiu Sagarra, Fouad Boussouf - Compagnie Massala, Christos Papadopoulos - Leon & the Wolf, Andrea Costanzo Martini - Associazione Culturale VAN, Raekallio Corp., Aris Papadopoulos & Martha Pasakopoulou, Rita Góbi - Góbi Dance Company, Pietro Marullo - Insiemi Irreali Company

Sofia, Bulgaria |

Friday 23 March, 2018 — Sunday 25 March, 2018

Spring Forward festival will take place on 23–25 March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by our Partner Derida Dance Centre.

Our Twenty18 Artists will be will be joined by Oona Doherty with her Twenty17 selected work 'Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus' and by Goblin Party company from Korea with 'A silver knife'.

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A moment

Spring Forward 2018

What happens when you close your eyes and ears, even just for a moment? In this powerful solo, Sabine Molenaar invites you to experience images that exist only behind your eyelids and to enter a state of disorientation, but also of safety and calm.

A moment is a fragment from the solo full performance Almost Alive.

Aerowaves artist profile: Sabine Molenaar - Sandman — A moment

Ahora que no somos demasiado viejos todavía

Spring Forward 2018

'Now, before we get too old'

Between the fear of growing old and a fast-paced world, Jesús Rubio Gamo offers you a place to feel safe. It is a solo about the passing of time; a dance on how to enjoy movement to compose a formal architecture that allows emotions to burst. Everything is going so fast. Can we stop time for a second and feel?

Aerowaves artist profile: Jesús Rubio Gamo — Ahora que no somos demasiado viejos todavía


Spring Forward 2018

In BLANKS Ingrid Berger Myhre plays the magician and invites the audience into a game of deconstructing layers of sign and symbols. Working with text and gesture, she proposes cheeky takes on the way we project meaning onto things that leave you to fill in the blanks.

Aerowaves artist profile: Ingrid Berger Myhre — BLANKS


Spring Forward 2018

Why do we dance together? From ancestral patterns to street dance, Marco da Silva Ferreira explores the roots of togetherness through movements. An explosion of colours and energy, BROTHER is choreographed by a constant mimicry between the performers that generate group movements and behaviours. Will you manage to remain seated?

Aerowaves artist profile: Marco da Silva Ferreira — BROTHER


Spring Forward 2018

'COUNTERBODY, a possible perception of the unstable matter' is a dance installation and a music performance in which all the elements can be seen as particles in perpetual movement. Based on philosophical and physical formulas, from quantum theories to post-structuralism it places the bodies of its performers in a fluid reality.

Aerowaves artist profile: Simona Deaconescu - Tangaj Dance Collective — COUNTERBODY

Dans, for Satan

Spring Forward 2018

"Dick is God, but the pussy has the power". Dans, for Satan is an enthralling reflection on gender and sexuality and on being caught within your own identity. Powerfully performed by Hilde Sandvold, this solo will make you laugh as much as it will get you thinking.

Aerowaves artist profile: Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold — Dans, for Satan


Spring Forward 2018

Inspired by the experience of male saunas, Dédale is a celebration of the male body, a contemplative opportunity for an audience to witness gentle relations between men. Smooth, undulating and interlacing bodies slowly move on stage. A deeply meditative and poetic experience, Dédale and its four performers will take you to unexpected territories.

Aerowaves artist profile: Jordan Deschamps — Dédale

F 63.9

Spring Forward 2018

When love is not an infatuation, but a problem that requires a solution. When love is a conflict between two individuals. When love is a personality crisis. ‘F 63.9’ offers a diagnosis, a situation, a state of mind and body.

Aerowaves artist profile: Jivko Jeliazkov - Derida Company — F 63.9


Spring Forward 2018

FORECASTING  is based on a collection of amateur videos taken from the world’s largest video-sharing website: YouTube. On stage, a performer skilfully manipulates a laptop which shows videos selected to correspond to a human scale. The result is a dizzying hybrid experience, blurring the lines between the banality of everyday situations and new modes of narration.

Aerowaves artist profile: Premier Stratagème - Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico — FORECASTING

“Grrr, I’m dancing” Universe of a dancing bear

Spring Forward 2018

How much do you have to do things you didn't chose for yourself? Do we really have to grow up? In this charming solo, Mathis Kleinschnittger questions the modern loss of liberty and repression of wildness through the figure of the bear. Expect some serious growling and teddy bears hugging.

Aerowaves artist profile: Mathis Kleinschnittger — “Grrr, I’m dancing” Universe of a dancing bear

Homo Furens

Spring Forward 2018

Five men on stage perform military exercises incessantly. A Full Metal Jacket fueled piece, Homo Furens interrogates the way we look at movement whether it aims at choreographic or combat purposes. As exhaustion and repetition grow, their moves will lead you towards a sense of peace.

Aerowaves artist profile: Filipe Lourenço - Plan K — Homo Furens

Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus

Spring Forward 2018

Oona Doherty performs a distillation of the Male and thumping sweaty theatre. Go on a journey through a dirty Europe between violence and the sublime. Hope Hunt attempts to deconstruct the stereotype of the working-class male, and raise it up into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. It is a hunt for hope.

Aerowaves artist profile: Oona Doherty — Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus


Spring Forward 2018

'Kokoro' is a Japanese word translated as our inner being and embracing the concepts of mind and heart. Luna Cenere takes you on a haunting journey where her naked body becomes a sculpture with dislocated grace. A modern Melusina caught in the moonshine, Luna will enchant and unsettle you.

Aerowaves artist profile: Luna Cenere — Kokoro


Spring Forward 2018

How do the likes you get online affect your behaviour and body image? A fresh look at the presence of the body in the digital age, ‘Likes’ explores the phenomenon of cover dance and yoga tutorials on social networks. Half tutorial instructor and half anthropological researcher, Núria Guiu takes you on a physical journey with a pinch of irony.

Aerowaves artist profile: Núria Guiu Sagarra — Likes

NÄSS (Les Gens)

Spring Forward 2018

First you will hear the rhythm, immemorial and haunting. On these beats, seven male dancers come together, mixing hip hop and traditional dance patterns. Amid communion and violence, 'Näss' takes you to the streets of Morocco where modernity and traditions meet.

Aerowaves artist profile: Fouad Boussouf - Compagnie Massala — NÄSS (Les Gens)


Spring Forward 2018

How do you look at music? Opus brings on stage a human ensemble, in which each performer becomes an instrument. An attempt to investigate our automatic response to hearing music, this quartet first teaches you how to look at it, and then draws you into its immaculate world that will remove you from the everyday.

Aerowaves artist profile: Christos Papadopoulos - Leon & the Wolf — Opus

SCARABEO, Angles and the Void

Spring Forward 2018

In the setting of a performance, the price and the pleasure of becoming an object are revealed. 'SCARABEO, Angles and the Void' invites you to a joyous duet where friendship is a game as much as a duel and where your perceptions will be challenged.

Aerowaves artist profile: Andrea Costanzo Martini - Associazione Culturale VAN — SCARABEO, Angles and the Void

Rehearsal on Love

Spring Forward 2018

What keeps us together? Two performers on stage untie their blindfolds, come together and break away. This gripping duet will make you question the fragile boundary between seduction and exasperation, between love and abuse. As Valtteri Raekallio describes his work as 'an amateur work' in its latin origin ‘amare’, this universal tale of love will take your breath away.

Aerowaves artist profile: Raekallio Corp. — Rehearsal on Love


Spring Forward 2018

‘touching.just’ is a rhythmic game dealing with the absurd, awkward and episodic meetings of two characters during their effort to interact and connect. Going through intimate and uncomfortable situations both are looking for their common ground. Just!

Aerowaves artist profile: Aris Papadopoulos & Martha Pasakopoulou — touching.just


Spring Forward 2018

'Volitant - Micromovements expanded' presents the intermediate state of ‘already not here’ and ‘not there yet’ by guiding us through a world of metamorphosis. Rita Góbi demonstrates astonishing precision and virtuosity, holding all her movements in dynamic tension with the music Dávid Szegő composed using Morse code sounds.

Aerowaves artist profile: Rita Góbi - Góbi Dance Company — Volitant

WRECK - List of extinct species

Spring Forward 2018

A huge floating sculpture moves in the space like a hunter. As it gently swallows and spits human beings, our imagination wanders. Is this a modern Leviathan, an image of humanity itself or the shadow of an upcoming catastrophe? Described as an "elastic performance", WRECK can be shown indoor or outdoor and adapted to space-specific conditions.

Aerowaves artist profile: Pietro Marullo - Insiemi Irreali Company — WRECK - List of extinct species