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Mirjam Sögner / Public in Private / Jasna Vinovrski

Moving Station, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Saturday 23 April, 2016 | 11am–12pm

Mirjam Sögner (DE): LARA
Public in Private / Jasna Vinovrski (HR/DE): Staying Alive


LARA takes the pixelated movement patterns of early computer game characters as its starting point to explore digitally altered physicality. Mirjam Sögner translates the unnatural qualities and glitchy image errors of digital avatars back onto her own body, creating an uncanny hybrid. Imitating the imitation, she creates a physical body seemingly trapped in the digital realm. As our digital and physical realities grow together, this solo offers a bodily response to our changing experience of the world.

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Choreography & Performance: Mirjam Sögner
Music: Andreas Völk
Kindly supported by Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and the BKA - Austrian Council for the Arts
Duration: 30 min
Premiere – 1.3.2015 // HAU 3 Berlin - 100° Festival


A woman in a neat official suit chews up legal jargon. Teetering on a pile of books, and dependent on her iPad , she creates fragile and precarious situations for herself. Staying Alive is a highly topical solo reflecting on order and control in migration. Subtle humour and multiple absurdities build as the performer gradually enters a state of emergency.

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Idea, choreography & performance: Jasna L. Vinovrski
Collaborators: Mini iPad, the books
Music: Bee Gees Staying Alive

This work was created as part of the larger performance project Migrant Bodies, which was supported by the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013.