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Botis Seva

Svalegangen Store Sal (big), Aarhus, Denmark

Saturday 29 April, 2017 | 9:30pm–10pm

Botis Seva - Reck - UK


A lot can be said on humanity looking at our dorsal language. Reck opens on five muscly backs caught in the spotlight, rousing like a growing rebellion. Oscillating between explosion and self-organisation, the tribe on stage guides us as much as they confound us. Botis Seva takes the audience out of its comfort zone, into a riotous experience crossing all the boundaries between hip hop, contemporary dance and theatre.

Choreography: Botis Seva
Performers: Jordan Douglas, Shangomola Edunjobi, Lee Griffiths, Joshua Nash, Victoria Shulungu
Sound Composer: Torben Lars Sylvest  
Lighting design: Antony Hateley
Videographer: Alice Underwood
Producer: Lee Griffiths
Supported by: Arts Council England

Pictures: Camilla Greenwell