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Alessandro Schiattarella / Jesús Rubio Gamo

Katapult & Åbne Scene, Aarhus, Denmark

Friday 28 April, 2017 | 5:30pm–6:10pm

Alessandro Schiattarella - Altrove - Switzerland

Jesús Rubio Gamo - Bolero - Spain


Altrove is a movement score for a re-invented body. Diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease causing a gradual atrophy of the nerves and muscles in his hands, Alessandro began imagining the condition would spread to his limbs and estrange him from his own body and senses. Altrove explores movement beyond the amplitude of the familiar gesture. In this delicate solo the audience witnesses the creative response of a body breaking free from its own limits.

Solo Dance Production        
Choreography: Alessandro Schiattarella
Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Dance, Light, Stage Design: Alessandro Schiattarella
Costume Design: Simona Lanzberg
Coproduced by: Konzerttheater Bern 2012
Premiere 06.2012  Tanz Made in Bern

Pictures and Video: Rosa Sanzone


Bolero is about tenacity. The duet explores the frontier between lightness and gravity and the fine line separating pleasure and exhaustion. When too much practiced, even the best things - Ravel’s Boléro, love and dance - often end up breaking up, don’t they?

Choreography: Jesús Rubio Gamo
Performers: Clara Pampyn and Alberto Alonso
Assistant to the choreographer: Jorge Brea
Music: Maurice Ravel
Costumes: Naldi Fernandes

Picture: Gaby Maciel

This production has been supported by Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Coreógrafos en Comunidad, Estudio de Danza Carmen Senra and Comunidad de Madrid.