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  • Moving Futures Festival Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    In Pode Ser Leïla Ka combines theatre, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. In a solo boxing match about borders, aspirations, and chaos, she researches the relations between the individual and the world.
    The Portuguese expression “pode ser” can be translated as “it could be” or “perhaps, perhaps not”. This ambiguity is expressed clearly in the combination of the different dance styles displayed in the solo and becomes all the more powerful through the sincerity of movements and Leïla’s intriguing stage presence.

    Pode Ser is Leïla’s first solo work and has already won several prices in her home country France. The work was also on the shortlist for the Aerowaves Top Twenty 2019.

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  • 4 Oct

    Open House Festival

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Dance House Lemesos organises Open House Festival since 2010. Choreographers and performance artists from Cyprus and abroad are inivtied to participate in the festival where the audience is given the opportunity to experience and become more familiar with contemporary performing art making.

    The identity of Open House Festival is rather innovative and daring and the invited works propose- though their themes and concepts- a more current approach in relation to human condition and the multiple narratives of the ‘body’. Moreover the festival’s programme aims in broadening the perception and the understanding in relation to artistic making and the creative practices of choreography and performing arts in general. Open House Festival features three Aerowaves artists: James Batchelor, Sylvain Bouillet Naïf Production and Pietro Marullo - Insiemi Irreali.

    Within the frame of the festival’s programme, the artists selected for the artistic development programme of Dance House Lemesos, Moving the New, have the opportunity to present their work in progress.

    The Festival is supported and funded by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    It received the EFFE Label 2019-2020, Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals.

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