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Sujets is a sculptural and hypnotic exploration of human bodies and their interactions. On stage, five naked performers are thrown in the middle of a collective experience oscillating between brutality and softness. Sujets invites you to witness a landscape of flesh and desire and to question your own senses.

Choreography : Sylvain Huc
Created with: Gauthier Autant, Juliana Béjaud, Constant Dourville, David Malan, Mathilde Olivares
Dancers: Gauthier Autant, Juliana Béjaud, Constant Dourville, Mathilde Olivares, Daan Vervoort
Assistants: Mathilde Olivares, Fabrice Planquette
Light designer and sound engineer: Fabrice Planquette
Music: Alessandro Cortini
Creation for Montpellier Dance Festival 2018
Coproduction: with the support of Montpellier Danse 2018, creative residency at the Agora, international city of dance, with the support of the BNP Paribas Foundation, l’Usine Centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public (Tournefeuille / Toulouse Métropole). With the support of the Place de la danse CDCN de Toulouse Occitanie, Les Hivernales CDCN d’Avignon, Le Gymnase CDCN | Roubaix – Hauts de France, Sala Hiroshima of Barcelone and Institut Français of Barcelone and SPEDIDAM.
Company Divergences is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs for the Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée. The Company also receives grants from the Région Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée, the Departemental Council of the Lot and the Community of Communes Cazals-Salviac.

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After completing university studies in history and art history, Sylvain Huc discovered contemporary dance and changed his pathway to pursue this new passion. He joined the training program of the CDC of Toulouse in 2003.

He continued to explore the medium incessantly through numerous workshops, (Ultima Vez, Mark Tompkins, Lloyd Newson, Gisèle Vienne, David Zambrano, Damien Jalet, Meg Stuart and many others). After dancing with some dance companies (Richard Nadal, La Zampa, Coraline Lamaison, Laura Scozzi…) he began creating his own performances with Divergences Company.

He teaches regularly for scholars and gives workshops for professionals and non-professionals. His work is primarily defined by a strict physical approach that is very grounded in the body rather than in dance. His first performance, Little Red Riding Hood, a piece for young audiences, played 250 times in France and Europe. Rotkäppchen, an adult version of the same murderous tale, examined the connection between eroticism, cruelty and flesh. After that, Kapput, a piece for four performers focused on failure. In 2016 Boys Don’t Cry, a male trio exploring masculine identity, performed at the Hivernales during Festival d’Avignon. If the body is fundamental in his work, Sylvain Huc likes to put it in a delicate or brutal environment.

Sylvain Huc is supported within the CDC network, Choreographic Development Centres,
especially those in Toulouse, Strasbourg, Roubaix and Avignon, but also by European network DNA (Departures and Arrivals).

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