SCARABEO, Angles and the Void

Andrea Costanzo Martini - Associazione Culturale VANSCARABEO, Angles and the Void

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In the setting of a performance, the price and the pleasure of becoming an object are revealed. 'SCARABEO, Angles and the Void' invites you to a joyous duet where friendship is a game as much as a duel and where your perceptions will be challenged.

Choreography: Andrea Costanzo Martini
Performers: Avidan Ben-Giat, Andrea Costanzo Martini
Dramaturg: Yael Biegon-Citron
Rehearsal Director: Melanie Barson
Light Design: Yoav Barel
Sound design: Binya Reches
Costumes: Nir Benita and Idan Lederman
Musics: Julyan, John Cale/Brian Eno, Franco Battiato
Producer: Roy Bedarshi
Artistic Advisor: Hillel Kogan

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Andrea Costanzo Martini was born and raised in Italy where he received his first education in contemporary dance and ballet. After few years in Germany where he danced with the Aalto Theater Essen, he moved to Tel Aviv to Join the Batsheva Young Ensemble and later the Batsheva Dance Company. Between 2010 and 2014 he danced with the Cullberg Ballet, Inbal Pinto and A. Pollack Dance Company. Since 2013 he has been creating and performing his own works. He received the first prize for dance and Choreography at the International Tanz Solo Competition in Stuttgart 2013 and was awarded several prizes for two solo works “What Happened in Torino” and “Occhio di Bue”.

Andrea’s research in dance focuses on extreme physicality and theatricality of the performance act and explores the power balance that is created during a show between the dancers and the spectators. Always filled with humour and supported by a wide range of skills, Martini’s work questions and plays with the expectations of the dance medium.
Since 2007 Andrea is also a Gaga instructor and leads dance workshops around the globe. 'SCARABEO angles and the void', premiered in November 2016 at the prestigious Curtain Up Festival in Israel and was part of the International Exposure in Tel Aviv.