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Anna Réti & Ricardo MachadoPoint of You

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Point of You is a game - for the dancers as much as for the audience. Is this a random collision or a deliberate kick? It depends on where you’re sitting… Instinctive and intricate movement spills between the two performers. Each scene unfolds and teeters between two sometimes conflicting points of view. Laughter is sometimes indistinguishable from tears. This playful debate wonders in a clever and sensitive way: why must we always be right?

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Choreographers, performers: Ricardo Machado, Anna Réti
Dramaturge: Márton Debreczeni
Lighting design: Zoltán Nagy
Music: The Atomic Eggs
Photo: Borovi Dániel, Márton Mórus
Costume: The Atomic Eggs
Production manager: Dóra Trifonov

Producer: SÍN Culture Centre
Supporters: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, National Cultural Fund of Hungary,
Ministry of Human Resources, Camoes Institute Portuguese Language Centre in Budapest, Eötvös10 Community and Cultural Space, SÍN Culture Centre
Production partner: Presence Theatre

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Anna Réti
Anna Réti studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, and then worked with Itzik Galili and Conny Janssen in The Netherlands. Upon her return to Hungary, she worked with László Hudi, Réka Szabó, Viktor Bodó and Gábor Goda amongst others. In recent years she has participated in the projects of Josef Nadj, Karine Ponties and Paulo Riberio.

She has been making her own choreography since 2005, many of her works have received recognition and awards in Hungary and abroad. Her piece Inside Out received the Rudolf Laban Award in 2007 among other awards. Home of Cards won 3rd prize and the Best Dancer Award at the Aarhus International Choreography Competition, in Denmark (2007), and her second solo, Vis-à-vis received the Rudolf Laban Award in 2012.

Anna has created many works in collaboration with other artists: Fregoli syndrome (2009) with Claudio Stellato (IT) and Amos Ben Tal (IL), and Ego Trip (2014) with Ido Batash (IL).

Ricardo Machado
Ricardo Machado has worked as a dancer with: Aldara Bizarro, Victor Hugo Pontes, Né Barros, Rui Lopes Graça, Kurt Demey, Madalena Victorino, Joana Antunes, Moncho Rodriguez, Marielle Morales, Olga Roriz, Graeme Pulleyn, Anna Réti, Ido Batash, among others. He worked with Karine Ponties on TUCO (2010), Benedetto Pacifico (2011) and Lamali Lokta (2012). In 2012 he began collaborating with the Circolando, which whom he has created roles in ARRAIAL, Estufas, Rios de Sono, Horas and Espírito do Lugar.

As a choreographer he has created the following works: Mulher de Vermelho, co-created with Raquel Rua (2011); corrida408 (2013); Como Pedras Fora do Chão, co-created with Pedro Salvador (2014); and REI-SOL (2015). 

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