N.A.R.G - North Arena Rumble Game

DON*GNUN.A.R.G - North Arena Rumble Game

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NARG is an explosive dance piece that takes place on a gigantic custom-built balance board - called The Turmoil. The tilting, rolling stage creates huge physical risks and redefines how the four dancers move and interact. As they vie for power or struggle to find balance together, it takes all their physical and mental effort to stay in control. From intimate encounters to scenes of raw frustration, NARG’s visceral power will have you on the edge of your seat.

Idea, directing and choreography: Jannik Elkær, Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, Christoffer Brekne
Created in close collaboration with the performers: Simon Beyer-Pedersen, Petras Lisauskas, Ann Kathrin Granhus, Frederik Pors Jakobsen
Music: Alice Carreri
Lighting design: Ville Aunola
Costume design: Kasper Hansen and Sophie Bellin-Hansen
Scenography: Siggi Palmason
Scenographic assistant: Søren Romer
Dramaturgical consultant: Betina Rex
Producer: Sigrid Aakvik
Thanks to: Leif Halkjær
Coproduced by: Bora Bora - Dance and Visual Theatre, Aarhus, Denmark and Jo Jo - Oulu Dance Theatre, Oulu, Finland
Supported by: Kunstfonden, Aarhus Municipality, Nordisk Kulturfond, Augustinusfonden


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Don*Gnu Physical Theatre is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theatre, both on stage and screen. They use a direct, expressive and very physical language and often have a great impact on young audiences.

The basis for collaboration and artistic development is built around the paradox embedded in the name Don*Gnu: Don as an individual, and Gnu (Wildebeast) as a herd animal. The constellation of both the individual and the collective creates the dynamism, experimentation and development-basis for the ideas that are the hallmarks of Don*Gnu's productions.

The artistic trio at the helm of Don*Gnu are Jannik Elgær, Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pederson, and Christoffer Brekne.

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