Mechanics of Distance

Máté MészárosMechanics of Distance

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How much can dance explore a space?

In an encounter between three dancers and a musician in space, the audience have the choice to get up close or stay away. Máté Mészáros’ trio is an inquiry into the wide range of variations that static and moving bodies in an open space can create. To illustrate the abstraction of separation, togetherness or entwinement of these three figures, the choreographer lays out an array of episodic situations. 

Embraced by Áron Porteleki’s live music, the three performers constantly shift from hints of everyday life nonsense to solemn structural routines leaving you mesmerised by the  Mechanics of Distance’s plasticity.

Choreography and concept: Máté Mészáros 
Creation and performance: Jenna Jalonen, Máté Mészáros, Zsófia Tamara Vadas 
Music: Áron Porteleki 
Consultant: Tamás Bakó 
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre 
Premiered at the National Dance Theatre, Budapest on 26th May, 2019 
With the support of the Zoltán Imre Programme of the National Cultural Fund

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Máté Mészáros graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy in 1999. After three years at the Szeged Contemporary Ballet he has worked at various European companies – Carte Blanche (Norway), Lanònima Imperial (Spain), Última Vez (Belgium). 

Upon returning to Hungary in 2014 he created his work Hinoki, which premiered at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. His next full evening show, titled United Space of Ambivalence, with five dancers premiered in 2018 also at Trafó. His recent piece is a trio titled ‘Mechanics of Distance’ with three dancers. He is a regular guest choreographer of various European dance and theatre companies and teaches partnering extensively. Pushing physicality to its limits in his choreography, Mészáros regards the body as a structural phenomenon.

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