Jordjenta (Soilgirl)

Berstad / Helgebostad / WigdelJordjenta (Soilgirl)

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Secret rooms and the dark side of the human mind inspire this visually arresting trio. Three young women look for something tangible and real. They create a world as disturbing as it is funny. Jordjenta launches itself onto the stage with gale-force energy and a lust for experimental tearing-it-up. Death is the most normal thing that could happen.

It’s all gonna rot
It’s all gonna – yes, waste away
There’s something deeply unsound about not accepting that

The performance is inspired by Maria Tryti Vennerød's poem Jordjenta and is about longing for the tangible, for something real. The creators of this piece, the three dancers and choreographers Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Helgebostad and Ida Wigdel wonder about what they have in common with the characters in Vennerød ‘s poem. 

  • Concept / Choreography / Performers: Kristin Helgebostad, Ida Wigdel & Ingeleiv Berstad 
  • Composer: Siri Schippers Skaar 
  • Set Design: Silje Linge Haaland 
  • Costume Design: Berstad / Helgebostad / Wigdel & Chrisander Brun 
  • Lighting Design: Chrisander Brun 
  • Dramaturge: Huy Le Vo 
  • Poem: Maria Tryti Vennerød 
  • Producer: Anne Cecilie Bodin Larsen 
  • Video Documentation: Vibeke Heide
  • Co-produced by Black Box Theatre, supported by The Norwegian Arts Council, FFUK and FFLOB
  • Duration: 52 minutes
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BERSTAD / HELGEBOSTAD / WIGDEL has been defined as a powerful group with a strong artistic signature. The characteristics of the trio’s work are visually strong concepts, intense outbursts and the withdrawal of energies, and a playful and experimental attitude towards performance art and dance. This up-and-coming trio creates performance art in dialogue with contemporary drama and dramatists.

The group consists of the performers and choreographers Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Helgebostad and Ida Wigdel. Berstad and Helgebostad started their collaboration through their MA in choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, which they finished in the summer of 2012. Wigdel has performed in Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt, Zero Visibility Corp and is one of the choreographers in and Haagenschmagen.

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